Natural Cleaning Products

The more I hear about the chemicals used in products that surround us in our homes and workplaces, the more I want to learn about natural alternatives. I find it really crazy that in 2020 we can still purchase products that may cause cancer and birth defects- some of those being items we use and wear every single day. `

Here are just some examples of what can be used around the home instead, thanks to the book “The Art of the Natural Home” by Rebecca Sullivan. Each of these recipes only require 3 or 4 ingredients each and are quick and easy to make. I hope they also inspire you to be more mindful of the products you’re using around your home and to learn more about healthy alternatives.

If you have tried and tested recipes you use I would love to hear them so please share these ideas in the comments below :)


  • 60g Bicarbonate of Soda
  • A little Water
  • 120ml White or Apple Cider Vinegar

Method- Place the bicarb soda into a small bowl and add small amounts of water until it forms a past. Wearing rubber gloves, use a cloth to rub the paste over the entire surface of the oven and leave for 12 hours. If you have a large oven you may need to make up more paste (this quantity is for single use). After the 12 hours wipe down all surfaces with paper towel and discard. Put the vinegar into a spray bottle and lightly spray all surfaces, then using a cloth and warm water (and still wearing gloves) remove all remaining residue. Use clean warm water for a final wipe down and leave to dry.


  • 500g Epsom Salts
  • 250g Baking Soda
  • 30 Drops of Lavender Essential Oils (or any other Essential Oil you prefer)

Method- Mix all ingredients together and add 2 tablespoons of this mixture into your load of washing. Store in an air tight container once finished. Apparently the salt softens the fabric and the essential oil will of course leave it smelling fresh and calming.


Makes 500mL

  • 1 Lime sliced
  • 1 Fresh Lemongrass Stalk
  • 5cm piece of fresh Ginger crushed under a knife
  • 500mL Water

Method- Place all of the ingredients into a small saucepan and bring to a simmer over a medium heat, cover and let simmer for another 5 minutes. Let it cool and then strain the liquid, pour into a 500mL spray bottle. You can also add a fresh lemongrass stalk to the infuse the bottle if you like.