I have really enjoyed working with clients to help turn their house into a home- one that exudes their own personality and style. Whether it be a new build, a sweet little bedroom for a new member of the family or the finishing touches they’ve wanted to add for years to their existing house. I find it so very rewarding (and also touching) to be welcomed with open arms into a family’s life and be involved in something that is extremely personal to them.

This section of my website holds before and after photos of some of the projects I have worked on. Simply click on the individual links to read more about each one- enjoy  :)

Pool Makeover

Here is a Colour Consultation I did for a pool surround, what a DRAMATIC difference changing a single paint colour can make! The whole area looks so much larger, brighter, and the new colour complements the blue of the pool and lush green of the surrounding grass and tropical garden. The area is so much more inviting and relaxing … Continue reading Pool Makeover

Ladbury Project

The brief for the Ladbury Project was to make the home more appealing for sale, this was done via Renovating and Decorating/Styling using items the owners already had as well as some new pieces. The below is a list of the changes that were made from when the owners purchased the property a few years … Continue reading Ladbury Project

Elle’s Nursery

I absolutely loved working with little Elle’s Mummy and Daddy to create her brand new bedroom. Now when I say “working” it never actually felt like work, I had wayyyy too much fun collaborating and sharing ideas for how we could make this space amazing. A space for a little bub that was yet to be welcomed … Continue reading Elle’s Nursery

Balcony Revamp

This Balcony lacked a lot of love and character, it was full or hard/cold finishes and didn’t feel like a part of the home. The brief was to make this space feel like a backyard, a place to sit in the sun and relax and had to feel like it was an easy transition from … Continue reading Balcony Revamp