Supporting Local

Now it is more important than ever to support your local businesses, they provide jobs for local people, provide jobs for other businesses and many are also involved in improving their Communities.

Over the past few months I am sure many of us have gotten into the habit of purchasing items online without much thought to where they’re coming from, however we need to start venturing back to supporting our local areas. There are many businesses I love and have been disappointed to see close (prior to covid- generally speaking), but how are they able to stay open if we don’t actively support them?

In Australia we have had catastrophic bushfires, flooding and then covid which means even more businesses have had to really push to survive. In my case, I therefore think of local as being the many areas in which I live in, work and can go for road trips to.

Here are just some of my favourite stores that I’m looking forward to getting back to:

One thought on “Supporting Local

  1. Suzanne Forrest says:

    Great that you are supporting local businesses’, I cant wait to get back to these inspiring stores.

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