What is the 60-30-10 Rule?

If you are ready to Decorate one of the spaces within your home but are lost for where to start, using the 60-30-10 rule is a great way to begin (I use the word “rule” very loosely as it can be altered to suit what you are drawn to and what your gut says is right for you).

60% is the Main Colour- This is inclusive of items such as the paint colour on the walls, furniture, curtains and pieces that cover a large expanse of the room.

30% is the Secondary Colour- This could be brought into the space via rugs, furniture (instead of being part of the 60%) a feature wall, etc.

10% is the Accent Colour- This compliments the secondary colour and can be injected via Artwork, Cushions and Accessories.

I suggest putting together a Mood Board using images you are drawn to that suit the space you are working with (i.e. a Living Room) and see what proportions they have used. From there you can adjust this rule to suit what you feel comfortable with, for example perhaps using 20% for the accent colour or discovering you actually prefer more monochromatic schemes in which only 2 colours have been used- such as Black and White.

Always go with your gut! This is your space and you need to feel comfortable with it. Just because you love a colour doesn’t mean it works being used in the entire room, less can be so more more by layering the colour into the scheme as the secondary colour or accent colour rather than taking over the entire space.

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