Schooling During Isolation

Does this title make you cringe a little (or maybe a heck of a lot)? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Many people are having to help their children with schoolwork during this time and it’s really important to remember that you are NOT home schooling- you are trying to help them with schooling during isolation (big difference!). Noone had time to prepare for this properly and students, parents and teachers were all thrown straight into to the deep end.

The world is struggling to get through a pandemic together and every student will be behind compared to where they would have been otherwise. Children learn behaviour and how to cope with stressful situations from those around them-  what do you want them to be modeling and absorbing from you?

As this seems to be a huge pain point for people I thought I’d contact some Teachers and pick their brains about Schooling During Isolation- here’s what they had to say:

BE KIND- Everyone is doing best they can. Teachers are trying their best to do things in a very different and difficult way and so are you and your children. Be kind to each other during this very difficult time and keep an eye out for each other.

THEY UNDERSTAND- Many (possibly most) Teachers acknowledge that all households are different. Some are hectic, some are noisy, some are full to the brim and they know it’s tricky to do productive work in those environments especially if you are also working from home at the same time.

TEACHERS CARE- They know many families are struggling with various issues at work and at home, they miss you all and hope you’re coping ok and want you to reach out if you need help.

IT’S NOT FOREVER- This is a blip in time in the scheme of your children’s Education and things will go back to normal (or at least a new kind of normal). The mental well-being of all families is more of a priority than academic success right now.

KEEP GOING YEAR 12- Ask your Teachers questions, let them know if you’re struggling to be motivated or not understanding the work. As the HSC is still on it’s important not the let the work pile up as you won’t have time to catch up on it later- they’re here to support you through this. If you don’t let people know you’re struggling and what with they won’t know how to help you.

FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOUR FAMILY- Figure out what works for you as that looks different for each household. What works for your friend or your neighbour or your relative may not work for your family and that’s ok- it does not mean that you’re failing.

TAKE BREAKS- Have some time-out to call a friend, go outside, get some fresh air and avoid looking at the screen for long hours. This can help your mental health and also minimise fatigue.

I hope this information has helped you in some way and reminds you that you are not alone and the fact that you’ve gotten this far means you’re doing well!! The majority of us are not trained in  pandemics and are learning how to deal with all of this as we go.

If you need help please reach out to someone in your support network, speak to a professional or contact places like Lifeline , Kid’s Helpline and Domestic Violence Hotlines. Please take care and be kind to yourself and each other :)

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