What does home mean to you? For me, it is a safe haven where I can spend time with my family and friends sharing food, stories, tears and laughter- a place where I can truly be myself.

To achieve a feeling of “home” each space within it should be a reflection of the person/ people who live within it’s walls and somewhere that makes them feel happy. If you love being surrounded by your treasures and want to feel comfortable, then don’t strive for a “showroom” look with stuffy pieces and spaces where you can’t sit here or have things out over there. If “clutter” makes you feel suffocated then perhaps only have certain pieces out on display to enjoy and rotate them around- this also keeps things interesting, fresh and allows the pieces to shine rather than appear as cluttering up a space.

I strongly believe that if you have children they need space/s they can be messy and have fun in. Play is an extremely valuable learning tool for them to be able to develop many skills and grow. It is important they have their very own space to create in and be surrounded by the things they love- even if it doesn’t suit the theme of the rest of the home. Try putting yourself in their little shoes, if someone wouldn’t let you have the things out that make you happy or have any input into your home’s decoration how would you feel? They can obviously change their moods and minds a lot so by this I mean being perceptive to the colours, objects, themes and so on they are drawn to. Items like paint, decals and stick on wallpaper can be fairly easy and inexpensive to change over time as they grow.

I also believe you shouldn’t not make an addition that you love just because “one day” you/ your child will grow out of it. Today is today. We grow out of many things over the years and nothing is really forever so enjoy them while they last with less stress over what may happen “one day”.

What can you do to help create a feeling of home?

  • Comfortable Seating- if it looks amazing but is not comfortable then do not buy it- unless it’s possibly an occasional chair that you/ guests will rarely use. There’s nothing worse then wanting to leave someone’s house purely because it’s so uncomfortable to visit
  • Scent- smells that help you relax such as those from candles
  • Photos of Family/ Friends/ places you’ve been on holidays to- ones that evoke happy memories
  • Artwork- find a piece or multiple pieces in colours and/ or mediums that make you feel something
  • Creating a space for Hobbies- a reading nook, craft corner, painting zone, etc
  • A Bedroom you can sleep well in to rest your mind and body- comfortable, no working from home in here, no T.V and preferably an old school alarm clock so your phone is far away from your head and reach (one with battery back-up)
  • Display Treasures- items collected over the years, things children have made for you, collectables
  • Soft Furnishings- if you want the ambiance to be warm and inviting then adding things like soft rugs, cushions and throws is a great way to do this
  • Lighting- this makes a huge difference to a space! Use warmer, softer lighting in areas where you relax, sleep or watch T.V and brighter task lighting for work spaces such as the Kitchen

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