Creating Harmony at Home

In recent times society has been shifting further toward more mindful designs, products and processes that are more considerate of both the environment and our mental health. During the restrictions of COVID- 19 I think a lot more people will be processing what is truly valuable to them in their life, how they can create positive changes moving forward and ways in which they can get out of “living life by default”.

I don’t like to follow trends as I believe each home should be a reflection of the people who live inside it, their stories and for them to be surrounded by what makes them happy. However, the philosophies behind current Interior trends are beneficial and can help to create harmony in your home in a time you may be needing it the most- here are some below:

Indoor Greenery

This helps to create calm and the right species will purify the air and filter out toxins. If you have pets be sure to check if any of the plants you’re selecting are poisonous for them.

Natural Textures

Touch is an extremely important sense for most people (which I’m sure many will realise now we’re so physically dis-connected). Textures such as rattan, pale timbers, linen, chunky knits, leaves, etc. can all help create a harmonious ambience- these can be via pattern or literal texture.


As in my blog post about de-cluttering, this can have a great psychological impact as people can be a lot more weighed down by their belongings than they realise. This creates both physical space within the home as well as mental space.

Sacred Spaces

I’m not sure about you but if I have my own little nook to sit in the sun, read a book, watch some T.V and have some alone time I feel much better off for having it. In this time of so many people working from home I think it’s extremely important to create a space, zone or nook that you can step away to for a break. Don’t do work where you eat or sleep or rest and where possible don’t work over the top of each other- these should all be separate zones. Even if you have a tiny apartment you can still find a space for this.

Soothing Colours

Soft greens and pale, neutral tones can create a feeling of calm. If you’re a lover of bright colours then add pops of this throughout the home in cushions, artwork or a rug. If this is not enough for you then add more colour to spaces that are higher in energy- i.e. not restful areas such as bedrooms and living rooms.

Good luck finding the things that calm and inspire you and help to create harmony within your home :)

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