What To Consider When Renovating Your Exterior/ Building A New Home

Now that the weather is amazing I’m sure many of you are either considering how to freshen up your home or have started to do so already, or perhaps you’re going through the excitement of building a brand new home. Below are a few things to take into account when making selections for the Exterior of your home- please keep in mind though that my advice is very general in nature as it depends on the design of your home, the existing colours you may have to work with, etc.

*ROOF: Does this need to be re-sprayed, re-roofed or are you happy with it the way it is? For roof colours I would generally advise they be darker than the main body colour of the home.

*GUTTER: This is the metal section directly under the roof, my advice for selecting a colour for your gutters is one of options below.

Option 1: Match them with the roof colour, this is always my first preference because it looks like it neatly finishes off the edge of the roof and just blends in.

Option 2: If your roof is dark in colour and looks quite heavy you may want to lighten it up and hide as much of the roof colour as you can. In this instance you can always select a complimentary colour that is much lighter, in which case I would use this colour for the fascia as well.

*FASCIA: This isn’t always applicable to certain designs, however if you have one it will be the metal section directly under the gutter. With either of the gutter options above I usually advise that the fascia colour be light if you have a darker roof colour, I don’t believe the gutter and fascia should match the roof as this can look very heavy and draw your eye to it. If you have a lighter roof however, then both the gutter and fascia colour could be matched to this.

*DOWNPIPES: These run vertically down the house and are connected to the gutter. It’s best if these either match the gutter colour, fascia colour of blend with the main body colour of the home. This is very dependent on the colours you use but they should blend in, not stand out as a feature.

*EAVE LINING, BALCONY CEILING & PORCH CEILING: These should generally be lighter in colour and preferably match the fascia colour, this way they don’t stand out too much and you’re not introducing too many colours (there’s still a lot of other elements yet).

*ALFRESCO/ OUTDOOR ROOM CEILING: Consider how you want this space to feel for both yourself and for your guests when you entertain. Do you want it to be a continuation of the interior? If so then continue the interior ceiling colour for this area. Do you want it to feel warm and cosy? Perhaps you can line it with timber panelling that is stained or painted to give it texture and add a feature. If you have a small area it can be nice to use light colours to help brighten it up and make it feel as large as possible.

*WINDOW FRAMES: Are you restricted to leave these as they are or can you have them re-coloured? One option is to match the window frames to your roof colour, or you can also use a neutral colour that is flexible to work with and would still be current if you decide to re-paint or render in the future. If replacing windows then aluminium is most likely the most durable option, timber windows can look stunning but just keep in mind they are a natural product so will weather with time and need on-going maintenance.

*FEATURE: This could be render, stone, tiles, cladding, timber, etc. This element can be a different colour from other’s used on the home but should still tie in with their tones. For example, if you have used dark greys this could be a paler or deeper grey. It’s more aesthetically pleasing to have varying textures on the outside of the home, depending on the size of your house though I may not use more than three (inclusive of the main material of the building).

*GARAGE DOOR: Do you want a solid colour, timberlook or real timber door? Keep in mind that timber is a natural product, so therefore requires maintenance and can expand and contract with the different seasons. The Garage Door can look quite nice when matched with the front door colour dependant on the design of your home. If you have a garage that is set back from the main house or you want it to blend in more you could possibly use the same colour as the gutters or fascia.

*FRONT DOOR: This can look quite nice being a feature colour or feature material, if you haven’t already used a lot of different colours or feature elements. Timber doors can warm the scheme and feature colours can inject some of your personality without taking over the house if used on a larger scale. Doors that have glass in the design can also be practical for letting in more natural light to an entry that may be quite dark, there are usually different options of glazing if you want privacy.

*FENCING: This could be tied in with the garage door and front door and be made out of timber that is stained or may be rendered in the same colour as a render or cladding colour you’ve used on the home. Whatever material and colour/s you use for your fencing it should complement the style and colours of your home, it shouldn’t stand out as being completely different from the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Fences that are completely different can look like an afterthought.

*GREENERY: This is so important to the exterior of a home! It can soften the look and make it much more relaxing and inviting. If you’re restricted with time and/ or space there are a lot of companies that make realistic looking faux grass and you can get advice from a professional for what plants you can use that are low maintenance.

*WATER FEATURES: These can also create a really relaxing environment and a peaceful space to unwind in, but again don’t go too overboard on the features you have on and around the home as this detracts from any one thing being a feature and your eyes will just be drawn in every direction.

*WINDOW GLAZING: It can be practical for bathrooms and certain windows to be frosted or have different glazing for privacy reasons, however keep in mind where these windows are located. If they are on the façade (front) of your home it can look really odd and checkered if some windows are clear and others are very different. If you have this issue, then blinds or shutters may be the go-to for privacy instead of changing the glazing.

I hope you find this information really helpful and can become excited about freshening up your home instead of feeling overwhelmed with where to start. If you need specific advice for your home then head on over to the “Services” section of the blog to find out how I can help you specifically.

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