How To Select The Right Paint Colour

If you’ve ever decided to paint your home or a piece of furniture I’m sure you’ve noticed just how many shades of the same colour are available. Apparently, there are more shades of white that exist than all other colours combined! I know how stressful this can be for clients to get it right, and how long it can take them to select between different tones and shades that are almost identical.

The best advice I can give to find a colour/ tone/ shade that you love is to follow these easy steps below. The steps are aimed at interior and exterior paint colour selection but you can just change them to suit whatever the object is you’re needing a colour for.

  1. Buy sample pots of different colours/ tones/ shades from your local hardware
  2. Paint these onto seperate pieces of large white cardboard (from a newsagent or art store)
  3. Once dry, blue tac one onto the wall and see how it changes at different times of day in the same location
  4. Move the cardboard around to different corners of the room, this is to get an idea of how the colour will look in a shadowed area, a section with more natural light, a nook with artificial light, etc.
  5. Be sure to look at one colour at a time! When colours are side by side they change and one shade of white can look dirty, cream, more grey, etc when alongside another colour. These will not be side by side once painted in/on the house so try to have them near the colours that will actually be nearby or next to the new colour. Light has a massive impact on colour, and samples/ brochures/ computer screens will also not be accurate at all. Use these to get an idea of what you’re looking for but always get a swatch or sample pot of the real life colour.
  6. Buy the colour you decided on and have a party to celebrate how amazing it turned out!!! :Dimg_5888

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