Children’s Rooms

I absolutely love Children’s Rooms! Whose with me? From sweet little nurseries to bedrooms and playrooms, I find there’s just so much more room for colour and fun than in any other space within the home (at least for many, who aren’t as daring as adding slides to their staircases and so on).

For a child, their bedroom and playroom are the only spaces within the house that are truly theirs. In these spaces they can go on magical adventures to far away places, play with friends and siblings, be creative, play dress-up and learn many valuable skills.

Here are quite a few inspirational images that I’ve come across, both online and on Pinterest (all now saved on my Pinterest boards so I don’t lose them!). For links to where they came from and their respective owners, head on over to my Pinterest account and go to the”Children’s Room’s” board. Unfortunately, because I’m currently working for another company none of the work is mine (due to it being their intellectual property), but hopefully in the near future I can fill these posts with inspirational work of my own :)

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