I absolutely love colour, I think even the smallest amount in a space can brighten and freshen it up without having to take over. So many people I come across seem scared to use it because it might date, because neutral colours are easier to match with, for easier re-sale if they ever move in the future, etc, etc. Paint colours and accessories (such as cushions and art work) are so easy and fast to change though, and paired with a dark flooring/ feature wall really pop!

Would you like to live in home that makes you happy and really inspires you? Do you want it to be different and original? If yes, then I hope these images inspire you to buy that paint, rug, furniture or that art work you’ve been too scared to buy! Surround yourself with the things that make you happy, not the ones you feel you ‘should’ have :)

Bed head


'The Bright Bizaar'



Grey and yellow interior

Yellow front door

Duck egg blue

Grrey and yellow


Paint Pots


Yellow and grey

Outdoor setting


Front Door


Pink and blue


Blue shells

Blue and green budgie




Blue and green


For more colour inspiration and to find the links to all of these photos, check out my boards on Pinterest (link on homepage).

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