One of my main sources of inspiration is texture, which can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places. I think the simple addition of textures such as rustic timber, knitwear or linen can create a cosy atmosphere and a much more homely feeling. They are also quite versatile as they can not only be used in a more traditionally styled home, but can be added to a modern design to create some interest and warmth to an otherwise cold space, without having to be used in large quantities or look out- dated/ old fashioned.

Here are some photos of textures I found on Pinterest that I’m in love with, which can be found on my Pinterest boards- you can find the link on my home page :)


Timber and glass


Snow and ice

Timber and Fabric

Exposed Bricks




Water ripples and timber


Bird Nest

Concrete stairs

Exposed brick and timber


Exposed brick and timber rafters


Timber and metal

Oak timber


Timber and linen

Timber and Stone



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