Homeware Definition

One of my favourite past times is searching through homewares stores, markets, fetes, pinterest and websites for creative and decorative pieces for the home. Here are a few that I’ve discovered so far from my many hours of pinning on Pinterest :) Please visit or follow my boards at ‘Blossom Interiors’ on Pinterest, for more inspiration as well as the links to where these beauties can be found. Enjoy!

Lace White Pottery

Grey Bowls


Salt and Pepper Shakers

Glass Jars with Cork

Grey Bowl


White Bowl

Palm Cushion

Glass Jars

Grey Vases


Glass Vases and Cups

Chopsticks- 1

Chopsticks- 2

Cloud Cushions

Glass Jars- Pantry Storage

DIY Cement Candle Holder


Glass Jar Candle Holders

Porcelain Acorn

Glassware and Coral

Black Bowl

Blue and Green Glass Jars


Cushions and Ladder

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