‘The Unit Makeover’ Before & After- Painting & Flooring

The tenants have now moved out and I’ve finally been able to start renovating my new home! With a very long list of things to do, I set out to order new flooring, buy paint, rollers, skirting, architraves, etc. etc. Here are some of the before and after photos of what I’ve done so far :)

Before– The Living Room

Before- Living

After– The walls were cleaned with sugar soap, the old flooring was ripped out, the room was given a new coat of paint and wide textured planks of Timberlook Laminate flooring was laid.

After- Living; 2


After- Nook

After– A feature colour was then added to give the area interest. The wall of the hall to the bedrooms (photo 1 below) was also painted in the same feature colour, so the main wall would recede back into that space and not cause the Living Room to feel small- just cosier. A small amount of coloured or textured decorations on a dark wall can really pop and create a dramatic effect, as apposed to a wall that has been painted white or a light colour. Skirting boards and architraves in a half splay profile were also installed, and then painted white to create a border to balance out the cornice.

After- Feature 2

After- Feature in Nook


Before– Bed 1 and Bed 2 

Before- Bed 1

Before- Bed 2

After– The walls were cleaned and given a new coat of paint as per the Living Room, the existing carpet wall also ripped out and a new thicker carpet in a much richer colour was laid. Lighter coloured carpet doesn’t necessarily make a room look larger, it can sometimes just make it feel empty and dull. This is why a darker colour was chosen, so the bedrooms would feel much more cosy and so that any decorative features layered over it will stand out quite a lot more than if it had been lighter.


After- Bed 2 (3)

After- Bed 2 AFTER- HALL



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