Mood Boards for the ‘Unit Makeover’

Over the next few months I’ll be collecting samples, inspirational photos, creating mood boards, buying paint, flooring etc. for the makeover of my very first home. I’m so excited to be able to start the make over as soon as the tenants move out, yet struggling a little to narrow down what I want when there’s so many amazing pieces of furniture, paint colours and homewares, as well as tying in what I already own.

Creating mood boards like the ones below will help me figure all of this out, and can hopefully provide some inspiration for you too!

*Click on each board for a larger image.

Mood Board 1

Mood Board 1- I absolutely love raw and natural materials, because I think they create more of a homely/ cosy feel and turn a house into a home. I think combinations of elements such as stone, raw timbers, Oak, linen, concrete, metal, glass, soft lighting, warm tones of grey, wicker and plant life work really well together to create a harmonious space.

Mood Board 2

Mood Board 2- Again the use of timbers in furniture, metal in lighting, soft rugs, textured curtains and soft lighting from lamps and candles creates a cosy and relaxing mood. Introducing colour into the space such as turquoise, against this raw backdrop and against dark elements- like a deep blue/ grey feature wall, really make them pop! Simple elements (i.e an artwork, cushions, stool, etc) in this colour stand out much more than if you were to fill a room with most items in your chosen feature colour- less is more!

Mood Board 3

Mood Board 3- This mood board brings together more of the coastal elements that I love, but that may not necessarily be suitable for this project (as it’s quite far from the ocean). Mixing certain elements of this mood board like the palm cushions and drift wood, with those of the mood boards above can still evoke that coastal holiday feel without being too much in that one style.

Mood Board 4

Mood Board 4- This board uses a darker grey as a stronger element to the space, with brights hints of yellow and turquoise really standing out against this back drop to liven it up. There are much harder surfaces used for this scheme, so the introduction of textured cushions, flowers, plants and soft rugs, etc. are important in softening them up and creating a peaceful balance.

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