Drawstring Bags

Here are a few drawstring bags I’ve created so far. They’re great for books, toys, treasures, etc. and are designed to be carried over children’s (or parents) shoulders and taken to the park, on picnics, to sleepovers, school- anywhere an amazing adventure is to be had!

Where would you take yours?

  Grey & White Star Bag @blossominteriors.org

Pink & Navy Polka Dot Bag @blossominteriors.org

  SAUSAGE DOG & BAG @blossominteriors.org

Yellow Elephant & Grey Bag @blossominteriors.org

Polka Dot Dog & Bag @blossominteriors.org

4 thoughts on “Drawstring Bags

  1. Michelle says:

    These are super sweet & a great gift idea for children! Something they can use over & over again, (unlike some toys which they get sick of so quickly!)

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