Children’s Soft Toys & Drawstring Bag


I used to absolutely love soft toys when I was growing up, and have finally been able to start making some for other children to enjoy. Below are just some of the ones I have created so far (as well as a drawstring bag to take it on adventures in), and will be adding more to the blog as I go. Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing one or more for your little one to enjoy too.


‘Lilly’ the Elephant


‘Spot’ the Dog (who also doubles as a cuddly cushion)



‘Chorizo’ the Sausage Dog, who was named by his lovely new owner.

Chorizo has already found an exciting new home at a primary school, where a different child will be able to take him home each week, and then take a photo of what they do together and write about it- such a great idea!!


A Drawstring Bag for toys, books, treasures, etc. designed to be carried over children’s shoulders and taken to sleep overs, on picnics, to school, the park- anywhere there is fun to be had!


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