I find so much inspiration in the smells, colours, shapes, and textures of flowers (as well as even leaves) I find along my travels, as well as from those I’m lucky enough to receive as gifts.

They can symbolise love, compassion, sorrow and joy, and can brighten up even the dreariest of days.

I hope the photos below of some of my collection so far, can inspire something from within you too.

Pink Rose @blossominteriors.org   Pink Lillies @blossominteriors.org

Yellow Frangipani @blossominteriors.org  Rose Bud @blossominteriors.org

Pink Rose @blossominteriors.org  Orange Lilly @blossominteriors.org

Yellow Daisy @blossominteriors.org  Hibiscus @blossominteriors.org

Peach Rose @blossominteriors.org  Pink Lillies @blossominteriors.org

Yellow Rose @blossominteriors.org  Red Frangipani @blossominteriors.org

Palm Leaf @blossominteriors.org  Pink Lillies @blossominteriors.org

Pink Rose @blossominteriors.org

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