Bedroom Revamp

This bedroom revamp was of an older home that had recently been purchased. The dark pink feature wall was in a highly textured paint that had to be sanded back, and the plaster needed patching as it did for the remaining walls of the room.

Bedroom Revamp

Bedroom revamp before

There was existing built in cabinetry to the left hand side of the room that needed to be pulled out, as well as the old carpet needing to be ripped up.

Bedroom Revamp

New carpet was then laid with a beautiful texture under foot and light Chocolate in colour. New built in wardrobes were also installed, on a wall that was spatially the best for the room, to allow for many alternatives of furniture placement both now and in future.

Bedroom Revamp- wallpaper

Wallpaper was also added as a feature on the main wall, with a slight 3D textured effect. This was extremely easy to install, and was advised that it is also easy to remove when/ if required. The price was also very reasonable which was perfect due to budget restraints, and was discovered at a hardware store.

Bedroom revamp

A new ceiling fan was also sourced an installed, with retractable clear blades (see Beacon Lighting for similar) so that the fan would not take up a large amount of ceiling space. The existing large window allows for quite a lot of natural light, however the size of the light/ fan to the ceiling also optimises the artifical lighting requirements to the room, and therefore creates no areas that are shadowed.

Bedroom revamp

A new Queen timber bed was added to suit the proportions of the room, with a fresh white cotton bedspread and mint green feature cushions.

Bedroom revamp- glass jas with paper lanterns

 A french basket was then added for texture, colour and practicality of multiple uses (turned upside down) as a makeshift bedside lamp stand, and a large glass jar full of paper lanterns with fairy lights a top, as a relaxing night light.

Bedroom Revamp- paper lanterns

Those same paper lanterns can also be added to the curtain rail to dress this up a little, and for mood lighting of a different height.

Bedroom revamp- lantern

A lantern was also added to the right hand side of the bed, as both a decorative and functional piece that can have a candle inside for mood lighting, or fairy lights as pictured below.

Bedroom Revamp- fairy lights in lantern

Bedroom Revamp- vignette

A small collection of treasures that were dicovered overseas and near home, sit in a corner to the far left of the room. They are displayed on a stone topped wash basin that has been re-purposed for storage and had been passed down through the family.

Bedroom Revamp- vignette

A collection of photos, maps, tickets, etc from an overseas adventure are hidden within a bag from London that hangs on the door, waiting to be scrapbooked. A driftwood timber fish that was a beach town find also hangs as a snippet of a reflection of a love for the ocean.

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