2008- Tropical Adventures

After never boarding a plane until 2007, I was suddenly somewhere between my 10th and 20th flight only 6 months later, & on my way to the beautiful islands of tropical Fiji. I was here for a wedding, but what a perfect excuse to stay away from the world of hustle and bustle for as long as possible. I look forward to one day returning, & discovering things I missed on my first trip.

Somewhere in the clouds @blossominteriors.org

Somewhere above the clouds

Tokoriki Island- Fiji @blossominteriors.org

Time really does fly while your having fun. Kayaking through crystal clear waters with no place to be, Fiji time is most definitely my favourite time to be on.

Fiji-Lighting @blossominteriors.org

Amazing basket lighting, casting interesting shadows on a resort wall.

Fiji- ocean views @blossominteriors.org

Breathtaking views from a secret jungle-esque path to a cliff, overlooking our bungalows

Fiji @blossominteriors.org

On my way to a village visit, to discover their beautiful markets, ceremonies & simple way of life.

Hopefully one day I can return & discover more beach treasures, culture, delicious food, fun entertainment & hand crafted homewares. I hope you can feel a little more relaxed after viewing my snippets of memories, of a relaxing new world of adventures.

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