2007- Journey through a new world

In 2007 I boarded a plane for the first time, and flew to the other side of the world to Europe, Malta & America with my mum. I love looking back at photos of all our adventures and continuously find inspiration in them, but they cannot do justice to the sounds, smells, touch and sites of what you encounter whilst emersed in another culture. I hope they can inspire a little something in those who view them too :)

Italy @blossominteriors.org

First Stop- Italy.

So much history & so many beautiful interiors!

Malta @blossominteriors.org

Amazing views & fresh air- Sliema, Malta

The Eiffel Tower, Paris @blossominteriors.org

The breathtaking Eiffel Tower by night- Paris

NY, NY @blossominteriors.org

Times Square- New York City, New York.

So much to eat, see, shop & do

DisneyLand LA @blossominteriors.org

What better way to end an amazing trip then with fireworks in magical Disney Land, Las Angeles. Theres nothing else quite like discovering your inner child again & believing in all things being possible.

Hope these can inspire something magical in you too!

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